Work of Flesh – Annabelle Dvir

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Friday November 30, 12:00am

Choreography and Vocal Composition by Annabelle Dvir
Performance by Talya Shalom, Dana Naim Hafouta, Layil Goren, Shaked Mochiach, Annabelle Dvir
Artistic Consulting – Anat Katz & Erez Maayan.
Slammed flesh; the groove of slamming; trance from slamming.
An energetic, instrumental-musical and tangible-sensory impulse, that arises from the collision between the body and the floor.
The collision is a voice, a frequency, a recital of slams.
The sound of the flesh
The sound of the deconstruction of the flesh
Is hummed; turns into a muscle, a song
Organizing and dismantling
Painful and pleasurable
Coercing and liberating
Sexual, infantile,
Humiliating and pleasing.

Work of Flesh – Soundtrack for Five Slammed Bodies focuses on the physical and behavioral shape of the voice, as an outcome for the slamming action, the “moment of fragmentation.” The soundtrack is processed by transformation of audial archetypes, chanting, humming, and “the sound of the flesh,” and is asked to alter the meaning of the physical acts, by procuring new connotations for it.

Work of Flesh – Soundtrack for Five Slammed Bodies was premiered at Intimadance Festival 2018 – Tmuna Theater Tel Aviv, under the artistic direction of Anat Katz and Erez Maayan, and continued to develop within the frameworks of “Tights: Dance & Thought” Residency, “Arts Printing House” Residency – Vilna, Lithuania, as part of a collaboration with the Art Accelerator Program by “Machol Shalem Dance House” and with the support of “Mifal Hapais – Culture & Art Division.”

photo: David Kaplan


Annabelle Dvir

Annabelle Dvir – choreographer, dancer, vocalist and teacher, graduate of MA and BA with the Dean’s honors from the ‘Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance’, studying at ‘KELIM’ Choreography Program, recipient of the DanceWeb scholarship 2018 – ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival. Her works premiered at ‘Intimadance Festival 2018’, ‘Between Heaven and Earth Festival 2017’, ‘Jerusalem International Dance Week 2016’, ‘Mazya Dance Series 2017’, Co-production – ‘Adama Dance Festival 2015’, ‘First Upcoming’ – ‘The Israeli Choreographers Association’ and ‘Diablouge’ events’ series. In her works she researches mainly the aesthetics that art has to offer to the humiliated, aching, bent body; to the changing contour between agony and pleasure, coercion to independence, and how they conjoin in the performer’s body as material, mass, sound – through visual, audial and plastic procedures.
Anabelle’s photo: Tom Borkovsky