VALENTINA – Sofia Krantz

Leo Model, Thursday December 6th, 7pm

Dancers: Adi Peled, Adar Riklis, Perry Lustiger, Sofia Krantz
Music: Asaf James Bar-on

In 1963, Valentina Tarshkova was the first woman in space. She is the raw material for creating a piece in a functional space in which the audience is active.

As a mother who is trying to answer all the questions of my son, Emile”

 I find myself in a space mission trying to research and collect every possible piece of information. 

in a spaceship to the moon and back discovering new dreams .  i connect to  valentina , the first woman in space  on behalf of Russia 1963 , Valentina Tarashkova as a raw material for creating a piece  in which the audience is active”.

פורטרט סופי קרנץ

Sofia Krantz

sofia krantz is an independent dancer choreographer based
in jerusalem israel, born in 1985. whose work addresses
the tension between organic aesthetics,conceptual, formal
minimalism and cultural content. Presents movement
sequences that incite the imagination as well the
intellect to wander in a realm of art, politics and
Her work tends to revolve around
society’s perception off female roles and stereotypes
her body
her strength
and slavery