Tune in – Dana Sapir & Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Friday November 30, 12:00

Tune in Create & Perform by Dana Sapir & Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky, Israel
Text by: “King Arthur”
Music: Daniel Pemberton

Tune In compares the process of self-discovery to tuning the strings of a musical instrument
before playing. The piece explores both the process of inner adjustment that occurs when we try to find our unique voice, and our relationships with other sounds in the symphony.
The dancers present their personal and joint journey in a duet.

“ Tune yourself to your unique frequency.
Like you, every instrument is seeking its role in the harmony.
Without the memory of sound,
We cannot tell that we are out of tune.
Stretch. And then release…
Listen to the silence between the notes.
Find the transposition.
Strive for the primal note,
That wishes to remember itself as a melody .“

דנה וספיר

Dana Sapir & Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky, Israel


2004-2010: High School “The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance” (Jerusalem, Israel)
2006-2008: Master’s class for outstanding dancers in classical ballet, partnering (Pas de Deux), the ballet society Maya Arbatova in cooperation with Mat”an (Art and culture project for youth)
2008: Summer seminar “Bossov ballet theatre” (Maine, USA)
2008-2009: Program for outstanding dancers at “The Kibutz dance company” (Ge’aton, Israel)
2009-2010: Project for outstanding dancers at the “Bat Sheva dance company”(Tel Aviv, Israel).
2010-2012: Excellence in Dance Award, Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports.
2010-2012: The “Maslool” – Bikurey Ha’Itim Arts Center 
Professional Dance program directed by Naomi Parlov & Ofir Dagan, Tel Aviv, Israel.
July 2011: Students exchange at Coline in Istres (France)/choreographers Edmond Russo and Shlomi Tuizer.
2014: 300 Hour RYT – Registered Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, Israeli Yoga Teachers Association 
2014: Professional Ballet Teacher Training, directed by Ros Sobol, Israel.
Professional Experiences:
MAY – independent  Creation, Dana Sapir
Trancforum – independent  Creation, Dana Sapir
-anne Friedland – Sallydance company
dance projetAlon shtoyer   
Opera “Romeo and Juliet” – Idan Cohen
KCDC Cooperation with the Mofa theater  
KCDC with The hour theatre, KCDC with the Kibutz theatre
Project by Yoni Suthi, Project by shlomi frige, “Nephesh” Theatre
“WED DREAMS” by Roni Brandsteter dance project
“Make sounD” – music and dance company, Choreographer Ayelet Cohen
Idan Shrabi (Nederland Dance TheaterHolland)
Roy Assaf  (Emanuel Gat/France)
Edmond Russo (National Lyon Opera Ballet/France, Marietta secret company of Herve’ Robbe, Director and choreographer of the Affari Esteri company/France) and Shlomi Tuizer (Batsheva dance company, Director and choreographer of the Affari Esteri company/France).
Javier de Frutos (Javier de Frutos dance company/Venezuela)
Sahara Azimi (Batsheva-Ensamble/Israel)
Karen levi (The Kibutz dance company/Israel, Batsheva Dance company/Israel, Philippe Blanchard/Sweden, Hillary Blake-Firestone/USA)
Mate Moray (Israel Ballet/Israel, Manager of “The Project”/Israel)
Additional Experiences:
In 2008 during my seminar at the “Bossov ballet theatre”, artistic director Andrei Petrovitsch Bossov, in Maine, USA, I participated in the Ballet Cinderella as one of the main characters (the stepsister).

Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky
Professional Dancer, Choreographer and Tutor
Fields of work:
-Modern dancing, Acro-Dancing, Air-Acrobatics, Hip-Hop.
– Independent artist and producer at Dana Sapir And Rotem Viner Tchaikovsky” Quan”.
Original Creation : Tune in –  Ncc Competition Haarlem 1nd Prize,  Amsterdance Competition Amsterdam 2nd Prize
* Graduated at “Bat-Dor” dancing school, Be’er Sheva.
* Qualified as a Jazz instructor & tutor at Wingate institute.
* Qualified from an enrichment course at “Studio B (Vir2oz)”, Tel-Aviv.
* Took several enrichment courses in France and New-York.
* Dancing tutors I have learned from:
  Sonia Dorleans Juste, Ronit Ziv, Tamir Gintz, Alexander Alexandrov, Mate Moray, Daniela Shaper.
* Video editing course at “Mentor” College, Israel.
Professional Experience:
*The following are some of the choreographers I have co-operated with:
Noa Dar, Nadav Zelner, Idan Sharabi
* I have also created original music for local theaters (“Idan Sharabi – Dinosaur”, “Dana Hafouta – Solo Piece”, “Hip Hop International – HHI Contest” and more…)
*The following are some of the musicians I have co-operated with:
Liraz Charhi, Tamar Stein, Artur Katz  – Atraf Band, Yarden Cohen
2007-2010 – As a dancer for “Mahol Midbari” group.
2007-2011 – As a dancer and choreographer for “Bat-Dor” dancing school, Be’er Sheva.
2008-2009 – As a Jazz instructor for “Wingate institute”.
2009-2010 – As a dancing instructor for “Nirit Dance”, Modi’in, Israel.
– Producing and choreographing for several local theaters such as “Anatot”, “Ha’Khan”, Theater of Be’er Sheva, “Ha’Yahalom Theater”.
2010-2011 – Choreographer for “Youth of Omer” and “Youth of Meitar” dancing groups.
– As a dancing instructor for “Tamar” dancing school, Neve Zohar.
– As a dancing instructor for “Ashtar” studio, Netivot.
2011-2012 – As a choreographer for “Ulpana for dancing”, Hatzerim.
– As a choreographer for “Dorot” dancing school, Be’er Sheva.
– As a choreographer for “General Gymnastic” dancing school, Sha’ar Ha’Negev.
2012-2013 – As a dancer for “The nutcracker” dancing group from Sheketak.
2013-2014 – As a dancer for “Rhythm in Motion” dancing group from Sheketak;
2013-2015- As a dancer and the creator for the show “Octagon-Duo”.
– As a dancer for the musical “Romeo and Juliet”.
– As a dancer for the dancing group Sheketak in the “Romeo and Juliet” musical.
– As a dancing instructor for “Sigi Nisan” dancing school.
– As a dancing instructor for “Mayumana” dancing school, Ra’anana.
2015-2016 – As a dancer for “The wind and the rain”, a musical following the life story of Bob Dylan – a Sheketak co-operation with “Teatron Ha’Nefesh”.
– As a dancer for the Israeli reality show “Ha’Kohav Haba”, Teddy Productions.
2016-2017  as a dancer for idan sharabi&dancers
As a dancer for the “Noa Dar” dancing group (“The dream”, “Children games”)