Self-deception – Gergana Ilieva & Smadar Goshen

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Tuesday December 5, 11:00am

Self-deception created and performed by Gergana Ilieva and Smadar Goshen

“Look at this tree, do you like this tree? Now look at that tree, do you like that tree? Do you think this tree isn’t beautiful because it doesn’t look like that tree? Do you think this tree is ugly because it doesn’t look like that tree? You’re a tree, I’m a tree, you’ve got to love your tree”

-Eve Ensler-

Gergana Ilieva & Smadar Goshen

Gergana Ilieva is a contemporary dancer from Bulgaria. She has graduated the educational program Dance PORT Derida 2015/2016, created and operated by Derida Dance Center. Since then she has a various dance projects with local and foreign choreographers. Her latest three projects are “FlapsE” and “I Identify” by Jivko Jeliazkov, artistic director of Derida Company (Bulgaria) and “Palace” by Rebecca Margolic (USA).

Smadar Goshen –
An Independent dancer and choreographer based in Israel.
Started her way as a professional choreographer at 2011 ‘Shades in Dance festival’ in Suzanne Dellal and kept creating and performing ever since in different festivals in Israel and around the world such as the international choreography competition in Beijing, Dance waves festival in Nicosia, Machol Acher and Machol Lohet in TLV, Machol Shalem in Jerusalem and more…
Gratuated a B.Dance and a Master degree in Choreography at the Academy of Music and Dance in Jerusalem.
Currently completing the Gaga teacher’s training program, lead by the choregraph Ohad Naharin, of the Bat-Sheva dance company in Suzanne Dellal.
A certified Pre-Trainer (teacher’s trainer)  of the Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis method and the owner of a Gyrotonic & Gyrokinesis studio in Jerusalem.