No-BODY – Roni Chadash

Leo Model, Sunday December 2, 21:00

Set design: Jitti Chompee
Music: Olafur Arnalds, The Caretaker

The piece was originally made as video dance. With the generous help of the “Unfolding Kafka” festival 2017, Bangkok, it transformed into the live dance installation you are about to see.

Body ?
Raw meat.
That’s it.
Innocence ?


Roni Chadash

Roni Chadash (27), was born and raised in Israel, were she received her education in dance.
Roni started her path as a professional dancer at the Vertigo International Workshop (2011- 2012) and later at the Gaaton Workshop for professional dancers (2012-2013).  
After finishing her studies, Roni started working with several Israeli & European choreographers including Satoshi Kudo, Maya Brinner, Odelya Kuperberg, Luis Marrafa, Sally Ann-Friedland and more.
Roni’s stage & video works got international recognition, and were invited to perform in many dance festivals around the world.
In the last 3 years since she started her path as a choreographer, her works received prestigious awards; Best Performer (Masdanza 2016), Jury Prize (Shades in Dance Festival 2015), Best performer (Soloduo Festival 2016), Audience Prize (BCDC 2016), Audience Prize (FKM 2016), PARTS scholarship prize (BCDC 2016), Alexander Izralovski Prize (FKM 2016), 3rd Prize of the Jury (Mash 2016) and more.
Roni’s work is supported by the ministry of culture, Mifal Hapayis and Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation.
Parallel to this, Roni is also teaching contemporary dance classes, floor work and improvisation in Israel, as well as abroad.