Ingiven – Noa Shavit

Leo Model, Monday December 3, 4pm

To unwind the muscles, to remember.
To walk through the scenery of what has been,
To pass without apologies.
To restrungle what has been broken,
To refine the pain.
To caress the thin capillaries,
The fragments that combine it all,
To revive them again.
A fine line between life and death.
Mustering love
To walk the path again.
Mustering love
To slide through the cracks,
Between the wrinkles of the skin.
Mustering love
To stop experiencing
Again and again this disconnection.

Thanks to: Nava Florentin, Tamar Borer, Nimrod Freed, Noa Dar, Neta Gadish

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Noa Shavit

Born 1983 in Kibbutz Yehiam, Lives and works in Tel Aviv
Dudu Dothan Best Performing Artist award, EMI- The Israeli Artist’s union.
Choreographer and dancer, Ingiven, Intima dance festival, Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv, Artistic Direction: Anat Katz, Erez Maayan and Nava Tzukerman.
Dancer, member of the Noa Dar Dance Group, 2012-2018, Performing: Last Date, Skin, Childrens game, Ananotza.
Dancer, member of TAMI Dance Company – Nimrod Freed, Performing: La, Ola, Pipdance, Tenis / True Story.

Dancer, Meta, Choreographer: Tamar Borer.
Dancer, Multi, Choreographers: Anat Katz and Erez Maayan.

Co-creator and dancer, 2Her, Dance Arena Festival, Jerusalem, Artistica Direction: Sahar Azimi and Guy Biran, Supported by the Council of culture and art of the National Lottery.

Co-creator and dancer, Shoshalot, Choreography: Sharon Kashi.
Dancer, Experiments in human beings, choreography: Deganit Shemi and Rooli Eliezerov.

Co-creator and dancer, Engine, Choreography: Omer Uziel.

Dancer, member of the De De Dance Dance Company, 2009-2011, Choreographers: Amit Goldenberg and Yaara Dolev, Performing: Blossom, Meadow, Jaffa Berlin Kfitzat Derech, k262, more and more.

Dancer, member of the Emanuel Gat Dance Company, performing: 64, center,

Dancer, Where are you going?, choreographer: Anat Gregorio, Gvanim Bemachol festival, Tmuna Theatre, Tel- Aviv.

Dancer, Briaa, choreographer: Sharon Friedman, Tel Aviv University.
Artistic Director, Haifa Contemporary Dance Workshop.
Modern dance teacher, Beit Tami community center, Tel-Aviv 2017-2018.
Modern dance teacher, Ortal Hatuka Center, Or Yehuda, 2017-2018.
Modern dance teacher, Ulpanat Tiberia, 2017-2018.
Modern dance teacher, Saron Harr School, Netanya, 2018.
Modern dance teacher, Alon Stoyer Dance Center, Tel-Aviv 2017-2018.
Modern dance teacher, Ada Orni Haifa Contemporary Dance Workshop, 2013-2018.

Modern dance teacher, Naim Dance Studio, Tel-Aviv.
Rehearsal Manager, Grounded, Choreographer: Alon Shtoyer.
Rehearsal Manager, ANAMNESE, Choreographer: Claudin Kroste.
Repertoire and modern dance teacher, Dance training program, Yaara Dolev and Amit Goldenberg.
International Dance Village, Kibbutz Gaaton, Artistic Direction: Yehudit Arnon and Einav Levi.
Ofek High school and Kibbutz Gaaton dance training program.