Happy and lucky – Kazuyo Shionoiri and Dror Liberman

Leo Model, Monday December 3, 4pm

This work formulates an impossible fusion between the ordinary and the fantastic, the sublime and the despicable – a combination of our deepest anxieties and most incongruous dreams which together create a glamorously crooked set of scenes and interactions.
Choreography, performance, stage and costume design:Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri
Dramaturgy: Tal Yahas
Music: “Happy and Lucky”
Lyrics: Dror Liberman and Kazuyo Shionoiri
Musical production: Simi Lee Jones
Emotional support and rehearsal studio: Clipa Visual Theater
special Thanks: EVE- Association of Theater Creators  in Israel, Idit Herman, Anat Martkovich

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Kazuyo Shionoiri and Dror Liberman

Kazuyo Shionoiri and Dror Liberman are young contemporary dance choreographers and performers, working together since 2015 as “TakeDown productions”, perfoeming a lot in Israel and around the world.
The core topic of his interest is based on exploring the existential questions in the Daily life, and present it in light way, full of humor, thay describe a big intrest in “Cultural Terrorism” as a practice that able to establish different ways which art can function in nowadays world, their works demonstrate a wide scale of skills and abilities. It is hard to relate their works to one style or to one specific genre, as he strives to create a new language in every piece of his, they are known for their uniqueness of their creations, and considered as a promising and fresh voice as a choreographers. in the recent Years they’ve been invited to create, teach and perform in Germany, Bulgaria, Japan, Albania, Switzerland, Armenia,Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, Norway, Poland, Mexico and croatia.