DOG WALKERS -Tamar Lamm & David Kern

Leo Model, Tuesday December 3, 8pm

Created and performed by Tamar Lamm & David Kern
Stage & costume – Tamar Lamm & David Kern

Music: Cool Water” – Bob Nolan״
The Damsel’s Lament” – Traditional״
Darling Pal of Mine” -A.P. Carter״
Water Whistle” -Tamar Lamm״
What Should I Do?-” David Kern״
Your Cheatin’ Heart”- Hank Williams״
Sweet Bird” -Traditional״
Tumblin’ Tumbleweeds” -Bob Nolan״

Dog Walkers premiered at the Zirat Machol festival in 2017, Artistic Director, Sahar Azimi. It was supported by the Kelim Center for Choreography, and also by Yasmeen Godder Studio as part of a residency program

The work of Tamar Lamm and David Kern is formed in the space between dance,
performance and musical concert, while adhering to an organizing principle that leaves it
both unraveled and structured at the same time. In the stage space, there are scattered
objects, these, like the movement, have a two-way relationship with the doubting fantastic
humorous narrative and the perplexity that spreads throughout the work. A score of
partnership, love, longing and separation is formed on the seam between the perspective
of emotional consciousness and the physical experience of the body.
(Idit Suslik , “The Contemporary Eye”)


Tamar Lamm and David Kern

David Kern
Born in New Orleans in 1959, he started dance training at the age of 16 in Los Angeles. He continued his training at the San Francisco Ballet School and joined San Francisco Ballet in 1981. He first worked with William Forsythe in 1986. Soon afterwards he joined Ballett Frankfurt. In 1993 he moved to Paris and began his career as an independent choreographer. He returned to work with Forsythe 2005 and continued to collaborate with Forsythe until the company’s dissolution in 2015, writing texts, computer programs and songs as well as performing. Since 2015 he lives and works in Israel.

Tamar Lamm
Born in Israel, 1972. She spent her childhood in her father’s studio, fashion photographer Ben Lam. At age 21 she moved to New York, studied with Zvi Gotheiner and danced with the “ Erick Hawkins Company” while working with other independent artists.
In 1998 she moved to Paris. Her first work in Paris was with David Kern. She then worked for Natasha Kantor’s theater group and danced with Francois Raffino’s company.
Back in Israel she worked worked with Yasmeen Godder , Tamar Borer, Iris Erez, Ari Teperberg and Eyal Weiser.
Since 2016  she is creating dance pieces with her partner David Kern .