Dancing from Others by Lilach Orenstein

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Monday December 3, 11:00am

Artistic Supervision: Anat Shamgar
Composer: Oded Keren
Dancers: Iren Kamyshev, Shay Ashkenazi and Lilach Orenstein

In life we don masks which reflect different parts of our identity to our surroundings. It is actually when our faces are exposed that we are complacent about what lies beneath the surface. It might in fact be that when we see someone in a mask, our curiosity is awakened, and we gain a deeper glimpse of the other’s inner world. In her creations, Lilach engages with questions of identity as she delves into the dilemmas of the individual vs society – the effect of the external on the internal, as the inner self crystallizes. Her work is influenced by Frida Khalo’s and Yona Wallach’s struggles with the social realities of their lives. In our world, the accepted norms trample the individual voices and create an orchestra of borrowed voices which hatch from your mouth as though “someone else is speaking from your throat.” (Yona Wallach – Bird)

The work was developed in the framework of the Art Accelerator program at Machol Shalem Dance House.


Lilach Orenstein

Lilach Orenstein was born in Israel in 1991 and began her first steps in the field of dance at the age of three. She is a graduate of one of the leading dance tracks in Israel, in the Aharon Katzir high school.
As part of her professional training and developing her talents in the field of dance, Lilach took part in a workshop of the Kolben dance troupe, a Vertigo troupe workshop, the Matte Asher workshop for training dancers under the management of Yehudah Arnon and Einav Levy, and in an excellence project of the Batsheva troupe from 2013–2015.
In 2010–2012 she was awarded the status of outstanding dancer in the framework of the IDF and afterwards continued for a year to dance in the Kamea dance troupe as an intern.
As part of her activity as an independent creative artist, Lilach was invited to perform in a premiere in the Beersheva fringe theater and in the conference of the Israeli Society for Quality in Tel Aviv with her work Cēnsēre. In addition, she staged her work White on White in collaboration with Daniella Meroz, a student of screen-based arts in the Bezalel Academy. In 2016 Lilach’s work in collaboration with Asaf Shlomi, a student in the Academy of Music and Dance in the composing track, Territorium, was awarded a commendation in the Gertrude Kraus Choreography Competition. Six months later Territorium was invited to participate in the Short Dance project of the Suzanne Dellal Center.
In 2014 she began her studies for a B.A. in Dance in the dance program of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, majoring in choreography. In 2015 she won an excellence prize for her outstanding contribution to the community in the framework of a grant from the Jerusalem Foundation.