BAUHAUS – Rotem Weisman

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Friday November 30, 1:30pm

Dancers: Jin Lee, Susanna Ylikoski and Tamar Honig
Music editing: Sam Huczkowski
Music: Dαshikö – Khomei (Original Mix)
Niju feat. Faber, Alinea (Original Mix) [Utopia EP – Rebellion der Träumer RDT001]
Future – Covered N Money (Acapella Dirty)
Julia Wolfe — Fuel IV V
Julia Wolfe — Cruel Sister III IV
Created in SEAD – Salzburg experimental academy of dance.

Thanks to Sam Huczkowski, Elodie Schilimans, Tamar Zur Weissman, Ariel Weissman, Jelka Milic, Meytal Blanaru, Janyce Michellod, Yaghvali Falzari, Ran Braon and Susan Quinn.
In BAUHAUS we tried to acknowledge the desire and the love of the body to move. The focus is on dance and movement and on the freedom of the body. On relying on love and the passion for dance and questioning whether it can sustain and interest us. On its power to intrigue and always keep us curious, wanting to know what is going to happen next as all options are open, and everything is possible.


Rotem Weisman, Austria

graduated from the Dance Department at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in 2015.
completed two years at the ‘Maslool’ – professional dance program – Tel Aviv, Jaffa. artistic directors: Naomi Perlov, Offir Dagan.
Graduated from I.C.E Program in Sead – Salzburg Experimental Academy of dance. – a one-year postgraduate program that offers young choreographers the opportunity to create their own work independently within a supportive artistic environment.
Residency –
Play Practice Residency in Bangalore, India. Residency for 3 weeks
Rotem was invited to half a year – Artist in residency in Sead, Salzburg
“And the woman had spoken” ‘Gvanim’ dance festival in September 2017
All the possible ways to fall – February, New Faces New Dances DANCE FESTIVAL at Republic theater, Salzburg.
BAUHAUS – preformed in Arge Kultur theater, June 2018 took a part at “Because the night” – a collaboration between Arge Kultur and SEAD.