Aurora – Maya Michlal Gelfand

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Wednesday December 5, 12:00am

Choreography and Performance: Maya Michlal Gelfand
Music: Maya Michlal Gelfand
Artistic consulting: Sahar Azimi
So it was my name, it was my tribe of origin, it was my appearance, it was my food,
These were my experiences of joy and pain, it was my life expectancy, and when I died in that place, I appeared elsewhere, where it was my name. After my death in that place I was born here again. (Buddhism).


Maya Michlal Gelfand

From the age of 12 Maya was a full-time student of The Jerusalem Rubin Academy of Dance and Music. While at the Academy, Maya won The Gertrude Kraus Choreography Competition and received the choreography award for her production ” Unity”.
After completing High School, Maya continued her studies at The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She has earned her Masters of Arts in Choreography and will be joining the faulty in 2016.
Maya has dance with The Kolben Dance Company and The Tami Dance Company. She has performed in independent productions all over the world, including  Ofra Idel’s “ Sheol”
and Sharon Vaisvaser’s “Split”. In the US, Maya worked as an actress and dancer at The Imago Theatre. Maya competed in Israel’s “So You Think You Can Dance” through which she acquired national acclaim for her talents.
In 2009, Maya opened her own dance studio which is rapidly expanding. She also hosts and runs dance workshops throughout Israel.
Maya has established the MayaGelfandEnsemble and has composed four full length productions,
“Run, “Game Changer”, ” Bound” and “POV” which is currently being performed throughout Israel.