Almost a Mensch – Maya Yogel

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Monday December 3, 11:00am

Soundtrack: The Rolling Stones – Paint it Black, Tristan Tzara – L’homme Approximatif
Narration: Yassi Rimmer
Soundtrack Editing: Nadav Graber, Maya Yogel
Costumes: Pransuas Kuriyett, Maya Yogel
Photography: Gadi Dagon
This solo work, which was first performed at Intimidance 2012, is a part of a Tryptichon that deals with the question of suffering. The work was inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Garnika”, A Cubist protest piece that became a symbol of opposition to the destruction of war. It is a work that cries to stop suffering, a call for a new order. This solo piece opens with a text by Tristan Tzara, a surrealist Marxist and a poet, one of the founder of the DaDa movement, that calls for a new order, a new world.

Photo: Gadi Dagon

מענטש (2)

Maya Yogel

Maya Yogel -A Butoh dance artist, performer, choreographer, artistic director, and teacher
Maya Yogel’s art explores the boundaries of modern dance. Inspired by Japanese culture, she combines traditional and surreal thought and avantgarde movement to create a new and unique dance language
Photo: Snir Kazir