After the past – Bartek Woszczyński

The Karnaf Granovsky Hall, Friday November 30, 1:30pm

After the past by Bartek Woszczyński

To accept is to understand. The solo performance is an internal journey, where time is perceived as space, allowing the protagonist to experience different stages of his life once again. This retrospective performance is an attempt to answer a timeless question of: ‚Who am I?’ and investigates how past experiences shape our personality. It touches on complex mechanisms of recovery, taking both the artist and the audience onto a fragile and vulnerable journey.

Chorography and dance: Bartek Woszczyński
Composer: Seayool Kim
The solo was created during artist residency Deep in the Mountains in Pyeongchang, South Korea

 Bartek Woszczyński, Poland

Choreographer and performer, founder of B’cause Dance Company
Bartek started dancing in Formacja Tanca Nowoczesnego LUZ and Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ based in his hometown – Siedlce, Poland. At the age of 19 he moved to London in order to join the Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance. As a dancer Bartek have worked with renowned choreographers performing their works worldwide and was dancing with Black Box Dance Company, White Dance Theatre and Zawirowania Dance Theatre.
Bartek’s choreographies have been performed in countries like the UK, Italy, Poland, Japan, Canada, Bulgaria, Belarus, Portugal, Italy, Albania and South Korea. He has choreographed for companies like Warsaw Ballet, YDA | Swindon Dance, Teatr Tanca Zawirowania, Alternatywny Teatr Tanca LUZ and his own company – B’cause Dance Company and has created a number of independent performances like ‚Release me, not.’ or ‚The Perfect World’ which has been awarded the 1st prize at International Solo Dance Contest in Gdansk, Poland.