About MASH

Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) has been working to nurture and promote contemporary dance culture in Jerusalem since 2002. Its mission is to establish a supportive infrastructure for artists and to provide platforms for encounters between Jerusalem’s dance community and the public at large. MASH initiates and produces a diverse array of cultural events throughout the year: performances, workshops, master classes, festivals, and outdoor events.

A further MASH objective is to contribute to the branding of Jerusalem as a young and vibrant cultural hub with a dynamic, cutting-edge arts scene. The achievement of this objective involves international cooperation and the production, in Jerusalem, of events that showcase acclaimed artists from abroad alongside emerging local talent, students, and special guests.

The MASH studio and its Karnaf-Granovsky Hall serve as a dance incubator for dozens of independent artists and help to nurture local artistic activity at both the infrastructure-production and performance levels, with the aim of bringing stimulating, ground-breaking work to the professional stage. Machol Shalem also operates a training framework, for artists at the start of their careers, facilitating the creative process and, ultimately, performance at professional venues.

MASH is located in Jerusalem’s Musrara neighborhood (on the seam between East and West Jerusalem) and holds its activities in a variety of venues and spaces in Jerusalem, across Israel, and around the world.

MASH operates within the framework of the Machol Shalem Association.
Among our activities:
Jerusalem International Dance Week: a weeklong festival which encompasses:
Showcase for Independent Israeli Dance Artists; International Choreography Competition; MASH Festival presenting original productions
Dance Series: featuring Jerusalem-based artists, students, and veteran artists from Israel and abroad
House Productions for adults and for the whole family
Israeli Showcase for young audiences
Social Projects involving various diverse Jerusalem populations
Artists’ Exchange and Residency Programs
Performing Arts Hub: an incubator that bridges the gap between educational and cultural institutions and help graduates to become independent artists
Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Women’s Dance Platform