About Jerusalem International Dance Week

Hundreds of artists, choreographers, and directors of some of the world’s preeminent festivals and cultural centers will arrive at the 2018 Jerusalem International Dance Week, founded by Machol Shalem Dance House in Jerusalem in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of foreign affairs. Alongside original international productions, participating Israeli artists will present works to senior figures in the global dance industry, as part of a rich, diverse, and unique program.  Jerusalem International Dance Week will include:
  • The International Choreography Competition (November 30-December 1) – This year’s edition of the prestigious competition will feature notable choreographers and artists from the United States, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Austria, Spain, and Israel.
  • The Jerusalem Dance Showcase (December 2-5) – An event that will provide exposure for selected Israeli dance works. Independent Israeli artists will present chamber works that challenge the body moving in space and the performance format as we know it. Presenters will include: Oryan Yohanan, David Kern and Tamar Lamm, Dana Sapir and Rotem Wiener Tchaikovsky, Maya Reshef and Tomer Navot, Annabelle Dvir, Nimrod Freed and others.
  • Machol Shalem Festival (December 4-11) – Machol Shalem Dance House premieres and original productions, featuring new choreographic creations by Rachel Erdos, Sofia Krantz, Amir Meital, Maya Michlal Gelfand, Maayan Liebman Sharon, and others.
Several special events to be held as part of Jerusalem International Dance Week 2018:
  • Presentation of international co-productions (December 5) – Two original works, co-produced by choreographers from Jerusalem and Sofia, as part of a unique collaboration betwee Machol Shalem Dance House (MASH) and Bulgaria’s Derida Dance Center.
  • Creative Writing Workshop (December 2-5): Guidance on dance-related writing for young authors in a workshop moderated by journalist/dance artist Ori Lenkinski.
  • Professional panel on Artistic Curatorship for Dance and Culture Festivals, by curator Dena Davida of Espace Danse in Montreal, Canada.

Artistic Committee of the showcase works: Dr. Idit Suslik, Adi Gordon, Dana Katz, Neta Cohen, Keren Horesh, Dena Devida
CEO: Ruby Edelman
Artistic Direction: Ofra Idel and Ruby Edelman
Production: Machol Shalem Dance House
International Coordinator: Eiv Kristal
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Administrative Manager: Sarit Cohen
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Technical Management: Magenta
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Image: Efrat Mazor
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